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In 2015 we traveled through Africa in our 4×4 truck. We stopped in remote places to screen free animation films for children. It has been an epic adventure that we’d like to share with you on this website.

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yntema-carrosseriebouw IJntema  is a leading and reliable truck bodywork. Since 1877 they excel in special construction, custom built bodywork, cranes, containers and container distribution systems. They always think of new production methods to deliver the best bodyworks at a reasonable price.  Especially for you they build the best truck for your transportation purpose. They also have a webshop for parts. If you need anything for your truck, feel free to contact them and for sure they can do something for you. Visit their website here! 


Web design, Graphic design start up studio proudly supporting this amazing project! Visit the website here!



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KloosterKino is the place to be for animated shorts in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Three times a year we show the best animated shorts from all over the world in a friendly setting. The screenings take place in a historic cloister, which dates back to 1909, and are not subject to admission. KloosterKino shows work by young filmmakers, but also pays attention to classic animated film. Visit the website here!


logo sans fondStudio Malembe Maa

Established in 1988 in DRC, Studio Malembe Maa is the first independent black African studio having devoted all his activity to the production, promotion and training in the film industry. To it’s credit it has several animated film authors, workshops and a comprehensive documentation on the black African animation. Visit the website here!



Without the help of many people this would never happen. In random order we would like to say thank you to the following persons:

Dennis for the 4×4 decision trigger, Geert for the materials needed during the construction, Ariald for his help and good contacts, Bauke Yntema for his huge contribution on box equipement , Jan for his hard work on a weekend to paint the truck, Leon & roman for the wood machine, Villa friekens for the space, Elie for the graphics, Petra for the website construction, Sarah for the flyer, Daan for the laptop, Ilona for grammar support, Nita for the travel library and Floris & Marieke for sharing their experience and support for the website. Cath&RJ, Mario&Johanna and our families for throwing us parties. All our friends, all who we’ve forgotten and all that said that this was a crazy idea, you gave us even more energy to do it!