The Project

CIMG1734eAfter seeing Africa on the silver screen for many years, the time has come for us to see it for real. We want to be in the deserts; walk, drive and sand board in the dunes, feel the denseness of the jungle, see scary creepers and crawlers and monkeys playing in the trees. Watch giraffes, lions and elephants in their natural home and meet some very different cultures.
Our plan is to drive all over Africa. En route we are hoping to see and experience things that are beyond our imagination, in both nature and culture. This adventure will be more than just a holiday and in exchange for this great experience want to bring something too. We aren’t aid workers or part of any organization and neither do want to be. So we decided to start up a cinema project for children. No education, no message, just fun. A drive-to cinema; the cinema drives instead of the visitors.


Our compact cinema installation will consist of a beamer and three speakers that we’ll be able to set up everywhere, even at the most remote locations. We will project on the truck.
We have saved money for the travel, if it will be sufficient we’ll find out on the way. We don’t have a time schedule. Maybe we’ll come back within a year or perhaps two years aren’t enough to fulfill our goals. We want to free ourselves from the busy, rushing western time and density.