Planned Route

To plan the exact route in advance for a long trip across the African continent is impossible for two mains reasons. Firstly, many countries have an unstable political situation and secondly, the road conditions are unpredictable and very unsettled with the seasons. We have to keep updated about every change that could lead us to modify our itinerary, and be flexible all along the trip.

However, the theoretical course can be done by connecting the routes between places that we really want to visit and  the ones that we have to take. Indeed, sometimes only one route is possible. Our aim is to drive from Nijmegen (Netherlands) and back drawing a loop all around the continent. Due to the recent instability in North East African countries (Egypt, Syria …), we still don’t know if we will begin our journey on the West (Morocco) or the East (Egypt).

This is gonna be a long travel, Africa is about 3 times the European continent, the estimated distance to drive is about 50 000km, crossing up to 40 different countries in total.

Here is a map of the planned route :

Africa tracks